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Not sure what pay-per-placement services can do for you? Want to know what credible third parties have to say? Have a look at the featured article below.


Paid Search Listings Deliver The Best Return On Investment

According to the Wall Street Journal’s “Ads Click” article (Oct. 29, 2001), pay for placement advertising produced the highest return on investment and won the most points for overall satisfaction. These findings were from the Jupiter Media Metrix "Online Advertising Effectiveness Study", which analyzed the performance of CPC banners, CPM banners, Opt-In Emails, Paid Inclusion Products and Pay for Performance Search. Another Jupiter study, “Paid Search Engine Placement,” highlighted why the pay-for-placement model works. Here are key findings from both reports:

  • Respondents who track performance say that they received the highest return on investment (ROI) from pay for placement search when compared to CPC banners, CPM banners, paid inclusion and opt-in e-mail mail (29%).2
  • Online advertisers have a significantly higher level of satisfaction with search listings than with any other online advertising method they have used or are currently using (41% of respondents rated search listings as the top choice).2
  • When consumers are looking for a product to buy online, 42% use a search engine.1
  • Paid search placement succeeds because consumers find relevant advertiser listings, while advertisers only pay for qualified traffic coming to their site.1

1. Jupiter Media Metrix, Paid Search Engine Placement, July 2001
2. Jupiter Media Metrix: Online Advertising Effectiveness Study, August 2001

As you can see, paid search placement has proven to be one of the most successful online advertising models. It brings the consumer and business together by aligning customer needs with advertiser interest. 

Why not take advantage of this unique trend? Gain the competitive advantage and start driving targeted traffic to your web site today. It's as easy as opening a Free Account Here!


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